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The Diarama at the entrance to the Regimental Headquarters.

Officers of Alpha Company (Operation Agapanthus - 1999)

Back: Lt. G.W. KNott, CO. (T/2Lt.) I.D. Stins, CO. (T/2Lt.) G.R. Howard.
Front: Capt. P. Rheeder, Maj. T.I. Milne, 2Lt. F. Mulder.
Photo Courtesy of Maj. T.I. Milne.

EX. Booster -1996


From Left: CO. I.D. Stins, Lt. H. Smal, Cpl. Bosman, Capt. P. Rheeder, CO. D. van Tonder, Maj. C.E. Casey  Photo courtesy of Lt-Col. C.E. Casey, JCD (Ret.)

WR Staff, Exercise Quo Vadis - 2001

From left: Lt. I.D. Stins, Lt. G.L. Holl, Sgt. G. McClellan, Lt. J.A. Rudolph, Sgt. G. Mok
Photo Courtesy of Maj. J.A. Rudolph

Wits Week - 2008

Behind: Capt. J. Cleobury, Maj. J.A. Rudolph, Lt Col. C.E. Casey, JCD (Ret.), Maj. I.D. Stins
In Front: Capt. G.W. Knott, Lt. G.R. Howard.
Photo courtesy of Lt-Col. C.E. Casey, JCD (Ret.)

Association Christmas Luncheon - 2012


Top: Ronnie Whammond (on the big bass drum) with Pipe Major Rodney Kuck, Left: Roger Jervois (standing) and Rob Howard (on small bass drum). Right: Pieter Williams, Gian Campetti and Vic Campbell.
Photographer unknown.

Left: Ray Steedman and Nic Korff with Haydri Korff. Right: Kevin Townsend and Rodney Kuck.
Photographer unknown.

ODJ Reunion Lunch - 2013

Old Soldiers reminiscing


ODJ Lunch KZN 2013

Backrow Lt. Andrew Walker, Lt. Henry Harris, CSM Steve Noonan, Major Terry O"Halloran , CSM Tony Botes, Pieter Williams, Lt Col Eugene Casey and Major Gavin Bester

Sitting: Capt. John Webb, Capt. Bill Webber, CSM Erwin Dunn, Colonel John Job, Colonel Derek Moe, Lt. Col Dudley Fletcher

ODJ Barberton Raid - 2013

Our restored badge in Barberton.

The Honorary Colonel with the 2013 Gold Cup winning team

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